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Mean Serenity

On Wednesdays, we wear brown.

River saying “I can’t go to Taco Bell” is the funniest damn thing I’ve seen all day.

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Dean is missing.
August 23, 2014

I miss the shit out of this guy. I know he won’t be gone for that much longer, but dear GOD! I don’t think Raw can survive another star-less episode. Without Punk, Bryan, Ambrose, Lesnar, Del Rio, Ryback, Barrett, and like a ton of other people who are just getting the cold shoulder, it is close to impossible to enjoy whatever is going on with Smackdown or Raw. For Realsies.

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I have this headcannon that Seth is still involved in the Harry Potter fandom, but noticed some WWE fanfics slip into his feed and that is what spurred this.
I also believe his current motivation for his character is Draco Malfoy, just instead of spell magic, he uses his body magically.

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I think that I’ve been hating this AJ and Paige feud because I’ve been viewing it through the eyes of how I view the rest of wrestling. In that for males by males sheen. However, this Smackdown makes me think that maybe I should be giving it a bit more leeway. That chocolate box thing was clearly done by women. I think Pajay either has been behind this from the start, or they’ve decided that they need to take over. That dynamic regarding giving a gift that you’ve guilted someone into taking its such an alpha girl move, I just don’t believe a boy could have written it. Or at least, I don’t believe that any of the WWE writers have it in them.

I wish AJ hadn’t taken such a hard line with the True Diva girls, because I’d love to see factions come out of this.

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Dean Ambrose & CM Punk because why not?

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25 lives 

Jesus Christ, this is painfully fantastic.

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Like, I have some serious CM Punk feelings. FEELINGS. I want him back wrestling. I want him to be happy. I want him back wrestling. I love the idea of him having his own podcast. I want him back wrestling. I am so excited thst he’ll be on the Nerdist SDCC podcast. I am upset that it won’t be the venue to explain what happened. Like, I seriously love the Nerdist podcast, but their live shows are not going to allow for, in fact it necessitates the opposite of, a deep meaningful conversation. If he says something that seriously makes me reconsider the WWE, I’ll never be able to enjoy the current wrestling crew. And they are so promising. The fact that like 60% of all pictures of him since he walked away are in suits is just a stab in the gut. Wasn’t his rallying call against the dress code that he wasn’t a ‘Suit guy’? I just fucking can’t okay! I saw the pictures today with the poorly fitted suit and just felt terrible. I WANT HIM TO WRESTLE. I want him to be happy with his body. Goddammit do I want him to be okay with himself. I have literally all of the feelings. If Nerdist doesn’t put up the podcast immediately, I will murder everyone involved. When the podcast goes up, I will have nothing to expect or look forward to. What if he explains everything and I hate everything he says. I’ve only known him as a representative of WWE. I’ve believed that he was more than that, I’ve believed that he was who he declared himself to be. What if that was all just bullshit? What if I fell for a persona thst never existed? I mean, no wrestling persona is the person, but Jesus. The line blur on this one hurts. I don’t fucking know. All I can say is I’m currently in a place that everytime I see ‘CM Punk’ my stomach hurts.

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If we die we’ll die, but first we’ll live.

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Fuck your face, dude.

Actually that should be more of a request— Can I please fuck your face, dude? Or maybe — May I please use your face in the act of fucking, dude?

I should say please, shouldn’t I? Let me think about the phrasing.

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CM Punk at the WWE Press Conference today!

The Ric Flair ‘Whoo’ face.

I kinda don’t want to talk about it.

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It’s even cooler when you stand back and squint your eyes.

Or take your glasses off

or take your glasses off

The only pic that’s ever made me exercise

This is mind boggling.

If you take off your glasses, you can’t see that brick that says ‘imagine’

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That’s hot

I will say that this show was never afraid of saying that being pretty does not make you a good person.

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I am a million years old, and make no bones about it unless someone’s asks for my id, which is a whole other rant, and I remember when Moulin Rouge came out and being blown away by the idea that someone had actually followed through with the idea of making a musical out of pop songs. It seemed so simple and so perfect and what I had always thought would be the best of all things ever. We are constantly hearing these songs that ribbon through our lives. That lead from one point to the other. Keep in mind that this was the time of actual mixtapes. That this was (either right at or right before) the time of That’s What I Call Pop Music. This was a time of compilation. We were starting to have the accessibility of all pop music, of every era, of every style, and were, frankly, awash of anything you could ever possibly remember. And this Australian upstart wanted us to hear EVERYTHING. Every love song that had ever been written, mashed together in a way that djs would mimic for (at least) a decade, to artistic aplomb. This was someone who had heard the bleak, sobering chords emanating from Broadway and wanted something more. Baz Luhrmann wanted his death with just a thousand more colors, thank you very much, and wasn’t going to let current sentiment douse him. He doesn’t get mentioned, quite as much, with the same breath as other auteurs of— I want to say his era, but he doesn’t have one yet. I suppose that is what happens with auteurs. The vision is strong with this one— my lifetime and that’s a fucking shame. There is no denying his talent, nor his vision. Moulin Rouge is above any class and cheesy at it is, and was SUPPOSED TO BE, will probably be the clip they show at his in memoriam during the oscars./end rant slash history lesson.

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thomas brodie-sangster through the years 2002-2014

This guy is 24 years old. In 2005 he was 15 and he looks 8.

I seriously refer to this guy as the cutest kid in the United Kingdom. He may live to be 115. He may win an Oscar. He may become a junkie. He may gain 1200 lbs. DO NOT CARE! He will always be the cutest kid in the UK! FUVKING ALWAYS!!!

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I’m not sure if you can see this unless YouTube thinks you have an IP address in the US, but this is the second launch trailer for my new show, The Wil Wheaton Project, which premieres on the network formerly-known as Sci-Fi at 10pm Eastern on May 27th.

This is the first of four (I think) trailers that I helped develop, and I like it a lot more than the first one.

I appreciate anybody who doesn’t use the terrible name SyFy.

Also, I love Wil Wheaton

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